Wednesday, 28 October 2015

UIImage Category( Resize+RoundCourner+Alpha) Swift version

For iOS developer, Resizing images, cropping them to a specific thumbnail size, applying rounded corners is extremely easy with Trevor Harmon’s Image categories UIImage Category. These category helped many developers to finish image implementation quickly and very easily in their projects.

After apple announcement, "Swift will become a successor of objective -C", mostly iOS app developer switching their development in swift language. As Trevor Harmon’s Image categories are written in Objective-C, so developer chose bridging concept to use these category features in the swift code.

Nowadays people bypass a bridging headache as they like to complete their whole project in Swift. It will be helpful for them if they found the category in swift so that they can easily use it and finish their projects within deadline with a smiling face. 

I have created a swift version of Trevor Harmon’s Image categories found in a Blog.  Also, I have added some new methods and extra features. Here is the link of Github of these category files.

You can download them, use them directly without bridging headache like Objective-C version.

Modification or suggestion will be helpful to make it best.  In case, of any question or suggestion feel free to ask. Also, If you want any other helpful objective -C code in swift, let me know.


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